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Over the past few years, I have got to realize so many people do start a project with a timeframe and at the end of the day they are unable to complete that project.

It happened to me so many years and it is always sad to see you suddenly stop doing what you planned to do and achieve great results following your desired plan.

At the end of you got to 70% or below you noticed you have abandoned the project or task. If you are in this category.  Stay closer and hook to this article right away.

In the next few lines, I will be explaining the reasons why you are unable to complete that project or task. It is not your intention to start the project and abandoned it at a certain level. It happened to me over the years and I was able to run a practical work and research on the reasons why such is happening.

These are the following reasons you are unable to complete the project.

  1. NO DEADLINE: I have seen so many people start a project either a personal project or a work-related project but in the end, such people do not have a time frame to end the project which is very bad. Setting a deadline to read a book or finish your blog website will help you to push further and boost your determination to finish up the project before the deadline date and time.  The purpose of the deadline is also to help you with a good mindset about your project launching date and time.  If you fail to have a deadline for your project it is likely that you are either going to abandon the project or you keep working on the project without having a direction.
  2. YOU WERE TOO BUSY TO WORK ON THE PROJECT: This is a common reason why several people are unable to complete the project. Failure to dedicate either an hour or two to the project can lead to one of the reasons why you were unable to complete that project. You need to be consistent with what you do in other for you to start any project and end the project within a frame you have in mind.
  3. YOU HAVE A LONG TODO LIST: I have learned a lesson that if you want to achieve a long time goal write them down. The purpose of writing them down is for you to have records and well-detailed information about what you want to do either for the week or at the end of the month. In this case, you are likely not going to complete that project if you have a lot of to-do lists without having well-detailed information and you were unable to multitask or switch from project one to project four properly. If you have a lot of to-do lists in the middle of any project you are likely going to get distracted from the current project and abandon the project for another one. I will recommend you start a project with a deadline date and make sure you finish the project before jumping over to another project. If you can discipline yourself by doing that you will realize that you are 90% sure of completing the current project.
  4. YOU HAVE A BIG VISION WITH LIMITED TIME: The reason for your inability to complete that project is due to the reason that you have a big vision with limited time to achieve them all. You have always wanted to have a blog website and also wanted to create a dropshipping eCommerce website as well. You need to finish project A before you can move on with project B. Due to the reason that a friend told you that people are making money from the eCommerce website currently, you have forgotten that you are not done with the blog yet and you leave the blog website at 50% done and jump to the eCommerce website which is going to take a lot of your time.

You will keep jumping from project A to project B without completing one of them if you fail to finish a project before moving ahead to the next project.

This is a common reason why you are unable to complete that project. Are you planning on writing a book and also want to have a blog website? Why not check the two projects and view the one you can start first and set a deadline for it. If you decided to write the book for 3 months. Work on the book daily for the next three months and make sure you complete it before jumping into building your blog website. If you think you are going to be convenient and you have enough time to work on the two projects together at the same time. Good luck you can proceed, but if you realized that you can not do that pick one project at a time by succeeding with it at least 95% before you switch to another project.


  1. Start Small
  2. You can start 5 days writing challenge
  3. Start the project from the simplest part and not the hardest part.
  4. Find a reliable accountability partner.
  5. Join a group of teams with the same or related vision.
  6. Ask questions when you need to do so.
  7. Look out for professionals online or in your community.
  8. Eat well and sleep well.
  9. Make sure you are healthy and fit enough to work on the project.
  10. Leverage existing materials or tools.
  11. Learn from others and never duplicate their work.
  12. Set a deadline for each project
  13. Make sure you have the necessary materials you need to start the project.
  14. Always backup your project work.
  15. Take daily action on the project.
  16. Get a Task Manager App
  17. Remember to review your last work on every project before moving to the next stage of the project.
  18. Ask for reviews or feedback at every stage of the project.

In conclusion, if you really need to complete any project without abandoning them, you need to take note of the above points and make sure you are not jumping from one project to another.

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