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The-Fear-Factor part 2


In the last part of the fear factor. We all learnt that when we face any challenge it is not good to give up. Jide was a courageous man with a fearful heart.

Jide finally checked the result and passed all his courses, but he had a problem with his CGPA. Jide graduated from technical school with a 2.40 CGPA which is not favourable for him.

The following year Jide wrote an examination and got admitted into Obafemi Awolowo University to study mechatronics engineering. Mechatronics engineering is a branch of engineering that includes both mechanical, electrical, electronics systems and also some robotic and computer skills together. 

Jide is scared of failure and his mission statement was not to graduate only but graduate in flying colour.

The first exam was written by Jide and he did well and was happy and excited. 

Kabiru is a good friend of Jide and he helped him much by teaching him and organizing free tutorials for Jide because Jide runs a cleaning business to pay his school fees and all the other bills. Jide is a slow learner.

The business was well run, and most of the school personnel and businesses in the area began to award jobs to Jide, helping them clean their offices, investment firms, event centres, new buildings and much more. Whenever it is time for exams and tests, he developed the fear when he was in technical school years back.

On one Saturday afternoon, Jide went for a cleaning job at a hotel that was very far from the school main campus. 

The hotel is well-furnished and among one of the best hotels in that local government especially when it comes to hospitality. 

Jide was recommended to do the cleaning on weekends only due to his education. He finished cleaning four different rooms and checked his list for the next room to clean, room 98 was the next room to clean but Jide’s supervisor did a mistake by writing room 89. 

Jide opened room 89 door and saw his head of department (H.O.D) with a female student of the mechatronics department. 

Instantly, Jide shut the door and checked his cleaning list again, but Mr Dauda immediately called Jide back and warned him never to tell anyone and he threatened Jide and promised him that he will fail his course if he tries to say anything on campus.

Jide is afraid, he flashed back to the four carryovers he had in a technical school that landed him in low CGPA.

According to Isaiah 43:1 “Don’t fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are mine.”

Jide is a goer of the church, but not a friend of God, that’s why his past could strike him when he got into trouble. Fear was able to take over his life.

“The more you fear your problems, the more powerful the problems become.” – DAMILOLA TOBI ADETAYO. 

Thank you for reading and God bless you. Amen. 

Stay tuned for part three of the fear factor, in which we will find out whether Jide passed or failed Mr Dauda course.

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The following are the top three lessons you can learn from this chapter.

  1. With everything we do, we must be courageous and committed.
  1. Hard work pays off
  1. Make contact with people who can help you with your studies, your business, your career, or your relationship.©️ DAMILOLA ADETAYO.

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