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The-Fear-Factor part 1


Fear is a popular custom in many people’s lives. Fear of failure, fair to start a company, fair to go ahead.
Jide is a student in the Department of Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Obafemi Awolowo. He is a moderate student and has a side hustle in other pay his bills. He’s a medium student. Kabiru is a close friend of Jide, but brighter than Jide.
He was a technical school graduate 4 years ago, but before graduating, he had 4 carryovers because he could not pay the fees and he was rejected for the first examinations. The same occurred the next year. He missed another paper when Jide was at the 200 level and he was scared and not glad that the entire situation around him was going wrong. He never gave up and sat for the missed examination as a determined man and hustler and but he got to the final year.

Jide was attacked by a fear factor when his name was not included in the list of participants for the final year exam. He was delayed for about 45 minutes and the examination is just 1 hour 45 minutes with 8 questions answer 5. Jide was shaking, fearful and sweated inside. Mr Paul said, Jide We are extremely sorry that your name was interwoven with the 300 students because of your past carryovers, you can sit now and write your exam, but you are stopping the same time the others are stopping.
Jide was convinced and afraid. He sat down and pray to God for mercy, he doesn’t know what to write but he keeps cracking his brain and he was able to attempt 4 questions out of 5 questions. Jide submitted his examination script at the same time as others without giving any extra time. Every other student were shouting, that lecturer is wicked why this question, why not that question.

Jide’s heartbeats have not stopped for weeks and weeks as a school announcement in the WhatsApp group continues to increase.
After a month the final result was out but Jide is so afraid to check his result. If Jide fails, he will never graduate and all his effort is going to be a waste of time and resources.

The fear factor is taking over the life of Jide and something is about to happen to Jide life. Watch out for part two of the fear factor.


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