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One great weekend, I started my day with 5 minutes of meditation before preparing for the day.
After having my to-do list on one side of my table, turning on my computer and connecting to the internet was not encouraging.
I only taught that the annoying network would only last approximately 10 to 15 minutes.
I keep refreshing every open page, rebooting my network, and switching from Network A to Network B in the hopes of solving the problem.
Guess what? I just sat for an hour and did nothing. For the past hour, I have only been able to refresh all pages once every minute.
I was frustrated by the entire scenario, and I am disappointed with all of the telecommunication. I paid for a service and I am not enjoying it.
I began contemplating what I should do next after some hours. Data is Life, yet I am unable to complete 95% of the tasks I need to complete for the day.
It is 12 p.m., and I just received a WhatsApp message that I am quite sure was sent several hours ago.
“Damilola, please help me upload this video,” the message began, and I knew instantly that the person had messaged me at the wrong time and that I would not be unable to complete the assignment immediately.
I hate complaining, making excuses, and being stuck in a rut in my life. I was already planning my next move before a WhatsApp message notification appeared on my phone. I began my hunt for a solution to my current problem by looking through all of my devices, from the network router to a network cable.
My room is disorganised because I need to start disorganizing every corner of my room so that I can find the greatest device to help me solve my current problem.
Meanwhile, network issues remain unsolved because the majority of Nigerian telecommunications companies will continue to make reasons such as “our network base station is down” and other similar justifications. I didn’t bother calling the customer service centre. What is the reason for this? It will result in wasting my call card and the waste of my time.
Fortunately, I discovered my network router, which allows up to 32 users to join and surf the internet at the same time. The network router’s speed is 300Mbps, allowing me to connect to the internet using any sort of SIM card.
When I am trying to solve a problem, I make it a habit to keep praying in my inner mind for divine wisdom to solve the problem and divine solutions.
It is 2 PM., and I have been doing nothing for hours since my telecommunications have failed me. Data, not only electricity, is increasingly required in the world we live in.
The benefit of using a network router for me is that it allows me to get the best network coverage and results, even if the network is poor. The equipment is a little large, but it is quite powerful and pricey. As a result, I don’t use it anyhow.
After receiving my router, another issue arises. When I keep powering up the network router, it quickly shuts down. It does not require a battery and only requires a 12V AC power supply.
What exactly is the issue this time? “I told myself.” I immediately began troubleshooting the problem, which took another 30 minutes. After a breakthrough, I went ahead and plugged another sim, which I am hoping would not disappoint. Meanwhile, keep in mind that, due to these circumstances, I am not using a single network for data connection.
I plugged the SIM card into the network router, turned it on, and boom! After hours of trying to access the internet, Google finally came up.
That’s how I passed the time while doing nothing.
I have learned that:
1. When confronted with a challenge, never give up.
2. Don’t run away from your problem; it will still be there waiting for you.
3. Learn how to troubleshoot in a simple manner.
4. When confronted with life’s obstacles, you’ll need to pray and act, not just pray.
What did you take away from my article? Fill in the blanks in the comment box. Have you ever had to deal with a situation like this before?

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