Lift Up Business During A Lockdown

Lift Up business during a lockdown. This is a beginner guide to

Lift Up Business During A Lockdown

20 Creative Ways You Can Lift Your Business During A Lockdown

Lift Up business during a lockdown. This is a beginner guide to help you out during a lockdown in your business.

20 productive ways you can apply to boost up your sales during Covid-19 and after the pandemic.

In this case, the world is currently facing a total lockdown. This lockdown as not just affected the government organization but also the non-governmental organization.

In this blog post, my primary focus will be listed below.

Meanwhile, the pandemic as becomes a major challenge in the whole world right now.

Also, you will learn how you can lift Up business during a lockdown.

Lift Up business during a lockdown

Hence, at the end of this blog post, you will learn the 20 creative ways to improve your business during a lockdown.

  1. Get a Logo
  2. Register your business online
  3. Use Google My Business
  4. Register for Whatsapp Business
  5. Create a smooth order process
  6. Create a Facebook business page
  7. Set up an auto-replies on your Facebook page
  8. Post your previous testimonials
  9. Promote your products and services
  10. Offer free delivery
  11. Accept bank transfer
  12. Use high-quality images (Products)
  13. Make a coupon code
  14. Follow-up with customers
  15. Post your products weekly on social media
  16. Encourage your friends to share your post
  17. Organize an offer with a deadline date
  18. Make a short video for your products
  19. Use Hashtag across your social media
  20. Repeat step 8, 9, 15, 16, 19 always.

Get A Logo


Firstly, one of the numerous ways to present your business is to get a good logo. Your logo will represent you online and offline as well.

Meanwhile, according to Paul Rand “A logo doesn’t sell (directly), it identifies.”

Furthermore, the main purpose of the logo is to make sure your consumers can recognise you online.

Meanwhile, over the years, I have seen a lot of business online without a logo or with a bad logo.

Furthermore, if you truly wanted to lift up your business during a lockdown. Then, you need to get a logo for your business.

Although, making a logo is quite easy these days but making a professional logo for your business is very hard.

Above all, to make things more easy, fast and flexible. Also, you can reach out to professional creative designers online to make one for you or contact the freelancer guy.

“A logo doesn’t sell (directly), it identifies.”

Paul Rand

Register your business online

First of all, during this world wide lockdown, many business will be forced to go online.

In addition, they are tons of way you can register your business online.

I know what you are thinking now. A WEBSITE, the answer is no.

In other words, not every business need a website at a start but this is a topic for another day.

However, register your business online to lift up your business during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.

In fact, what is the method which you can use to register your business online without having a website?

The answer is Social media, this is one of the best ways to register your business online.

By the way, I will advise you to go beyond social media and also make use of the different online business listing website

Top Websites To Register Your Business Online

  1. Social Media Website like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and lost more.
  2. Online business listing website. Vconnect, Yell, Businesslist

Meanwhile, these are just a few of the site you can register your business online. By the way, it will really help you in case you don’t have a website.

Finally, one of the purposes of adding your business online is to display your products and reach out to desired customers who are likely to buy from you.

Use Google My Business

Use Google My Business. You may be wondering, what’s all this about. What is Google My Business?

In addition, Google My Business is a popular free business tool owned by Google. In general, a small and large business can manage their business online, add products, map, pictures and lots more.

Creative ways to grow your business.

Also, with Google My Business, customers can find your business online, check reviews and share your success story online.

In addition, Google My Business those not require any external website registration. It’s simple to register and set up for free.

However, what is included in Google My Business?

Google Map, Google Photo, Google Site and many more. Meanwhile, Google My Business is a free service from Google.

In fact, this is a great opportunity for you to update your products and services online.

Finally, one of the great advantages of Google My Business.

Also, it provides you and your customers with local searchers that are relevant to what they are searching for at that moment. Register Now

Register For Whatsapp Business

First of all, WhatsApp is a mobile and desktop application.

Furthermore, WhatsApp enables users to send text messages, video calls, voice calls and also share media files as well.

WhatsApp Business Guide

Apart from the normal WhatsApp application, there is another version which is called WhatsApp Business.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp Business is a free application.

Furthermore, it was built not just for large scale enterprises only but also for SMEs.

With WhatsApp Business, you can add your business profile like email address, website, business or store address and also the description of your business.

Furthermore, WhatsApp Business worth downloading because of the incredible features attached to it. Add Labels, Quick Replies, Automated Messages and lots more.

In conclusion, take advantage of this mobile application and grow your business. Download WhatsApp Business Now

Create a smooth order process

One of the challenges new customers do encounter when purchasing your goods or when they are about to make a new order is the Order Process.

In fact, it’s likely that the order process is so strict and hard. The checkout form may be so long, contains unnecessary information you don’t need at that time.

In general, for you to Lift Up Business During A Lockdown, you will need to work on your order process.

Also, make sure the order process is so fast, smooth, easy to access and secure.

Meanwhile, in other to save your customer time and make more sales,

Therefore, you only need the customer name, two telephone numbers, delivery address and a short note if the customer is interested to give a short description.

For example, with the help of WhatsApp Business, you can do this if you don’t have a website.

Finally, if you are interested to know more about your customers you can notify your customer to update there profile if you have a website or an online form they had already filled.

Create a Facebook Business Page

We are now in a digital world where social media is useful to everyone.

In fact, social media is now a medium that so many people make use of it to pass and get vital information as well.

At this stage, if you are interested in lifting up your business during a lockdown, you will need to make use of social media available tools.

Grow your business during a lockdown

Furthermore, Facebook Business Page is one of those free tool you need.

Firstly, what is Facebook Business Page? I will describe it as a mini business website that enables you to signup for free using your Facebook account.

Therefore, Facebook Business Page is a social media tool you can use to improve your brand awareness and connect to more buyers and to generate more sales using Facebook Page.

In short, Facebook Business Page allows you to create a product catalogue, review section, about us and a shop section as well.

Meanwhile, you can choose your preferred template depending on your choice and business type.

In addition, Facebook Business Page is not just an ordinal tool you can use to increase your sales during a lockdown.

Besides, it’s a tool that can help you grow your brand and reach out to your desired customers who are likely to buy from you

Although, this free tool works in a dimension of a mini eCommerce which includes a marketing tool known as Facebook Ads Manager.

In fact, subscribe today so you can get informed and get the latest news on how to create your first Facebook Ads.

However, you need to register your business on Facebook Business Page in other to lift up your business during a lockdown.

Connect your business to the world. Where your customers use most of there times.

In summary, to register your business on Facebook Business Page, you only need to sign in into your Facebook account and click here.

Set up an auto-replies on Facebook Page

Immediately you finished setting up your Facebook Business Page, you will need to set up an auto-replies.

Why? This will enable you to answer commonly asked questions asked by your customers without chatting with them directly.

Whenever a new customer landed on your page successfully, they will like to know about your business, price and how they can get their goods delivered. You will will not want to answer all those questions every time.

Furthermore, with the help of an auto-replies, you will be able to identify the customers that are buying apart from those customers that are just checking out on your store.

Generally, the auto-replies is a special system that has been programmed by the Facebook developer team.

However, the system will respond to questions automatically based on your preferred response to the question asked.

Above all, you can turn on or off the auto-replies features on your business page. Find help here.

Post your previous testimonials

As I said earlier, Facebook Business Page is a free tool that gives you opportunities to do a lot of things for free.

For example, in other to win your customer’s heart. You will need to post you exiting customers reviews.

Multihjuice customers reviews

During a lockdown or recession, customers want to make a decision very fast, purchase whatever they need online and leave.

Therefore, if you want to lift up your business during a lockdown make sure you add testimonials from previous customers on your page.

Meanwhile, this will not just help you gain trust but it will also help you gain more reviews online.

Also, post testimonials of old customers which can help you lift up your business and you will make more sales.

Lift Up business during a lockdown

Many business owners find it difficult to collect information from there customers who just made a purchase.

Finally, ask your customers questions, chat with them and collect their feedback. You are not just collecting vital information, you are building your brand as well.

Promote your products and services

Products promotion is not a new technique nowadays but doing it the right ways is the most important thing.

You will need to promote your products and services in other to lift up your business during a lockdown.

By the way, they are a lot of channels you can use to promote your products and services online.

In the past years, Google Adsence is very popular even though it’s very difficult to create ads. However, if you noticed you can’t use the Google Adsense platform. You can make use of the Facebook Ads Manager.

Also, you can contact the freelancer guy if you need help in promoting your products or services online.

Besides, you can also make use of free classified ads to promote your products and services online.

Meanwhile, these are part of those things that you need to increase your sales during a business lockdown.

After all, promoting your products and services is more like you are displaying your products or services to the world so your old and new customers can know more about your new product arrivals.

Offer free delivery

For you to lift up your business and make more sales, you will need to offer free delivery to all customers.

It may be difficult in the first place due to the expenses and logistics fee maybe too much.

In this case, you can only offer free delivery within your business location but if you can afford the charges. So then, make the offer available for everyone or other states.

Also, during a lockdown, it’s not everyone that will be able to pay for the delivery charges but they are interested in your products but don’t have enough cash to pay for the delivery.

20 Creative Ways to Improve Your Business

In the first place, you are giving back to society in one way or the other.

How? During a business lockdown or economy lockdown, 85% of the citizen might be struggling to boost their business.

They may need supplies to produce but can’t produce due to the high cost of things or economic recession.

Also, you are encouraging customers to buy more and save more.

In summary, offer free delivery to your customers then you realized that your business will lift up during a lockdown or economic recession.

Accept Bank Transfer

Accepting bank transfer is a fast and quick way to make your customers pay for your goods or services online.

In fact, so many businesses can’t afford the transfer shortcode but accepting bank transfer from your customers will really help them make payment

Furthermore, the use of bank transfer will allow your customers to trust your business because they believe if anything goes wrong they can contact the bank.

Also, if you really want to lift up your business during a lockdown.

In fact, you need to register your bank account with either your real name or company name.

Furthermore, the reasons why some customers do cancel their order might just because they noticed that they are transferring money to untrustworthy business owners.

In this case, they become afraid and feel discouraged just because your bank account name is quite different from your original name or business name.

However, they are some online payment merchant which allows you to create a short payment URL link for your customers to pay online.

Meanwhile, it’s a secured source and a reliable company that your customers can trust.

In brief, these are some of the online payment merchants that you can check out for like Stripe, Paystack, Paypal and many more that I can’t remember right now.

Lastly, encourage bank transfer or online payment from your customers whenever they wish to transfer fund to you.

Use high-quality images (Products)

The use of high-quality images for your products goes a long way.

Whenever you shared an image of your products online and the quality is bad. Guess what happen?

Customers feel discouraged to go through other products due to the bad impression they had in the first place.

Online Business Guide Parfait

Therefore, I will encourage you to make use of quality images for your products. Thank God to technology.

Nowadays, we have mobile phones that have higher megapixel. Ranging from 10Mp, 13 megapixel, 20 megapixel and lots more.

By making use of your mobile phone you can take a nice picture of your products.

Meanwhile, you can edit the picture before publishing online or on your desired social media.

Lastly, the use of high-quality pictures has a way of impressing your customers to buy products they never intended to buy.

Make a coupon code (Discount)

Firstly, what is coupon code?

It is a special code which consists of letters and numbers generated for customers in other to purchase items on a site or store with a special discount.

Now that you know the meaning of coupon code, are you willing to give out some discount to your customers during a world recession?

Before you follow this advice, I would want you to check your stock for any products that you need to clear from the warehouse.

Once you have been able to identify those items, generate a coupon code for those products and spread the news.

These are the free website that can be of help for you. Also, you can generate as many coupon codes you may like. Bulkcoupongenerator and voucher verify

Lastly, make sure you take your time to determine those items that you think will not affect your business too much before adding a coupon code.

Follow-up with customers

This is a simple step but many SMEs don’t make use of it at all. For you to earn more during a world recession or lockdown, you must learn to save the contacts of all your customers.

Calling or sending a text message to your customers is a sign of how you care for them. If you follow up with your customers, you are building a good relationship with them.

After-sales follow-up will help sell more and help existing customers to refer new customers to your business.

By the way, here are some tips that can help you make more sales during a business lockdown.

  1. Send a thank-you note
  2. Give a call / WhatsApp Message
  3. Include a thank you card to every delivery package
  4. Show them new sales and promo
  5. You can ask your customers for referrals also

Post your products weekly on social media

As we all know, social media is beyond entertainment purpose again.

Furthermore, social media is also a digital marketing tool that every business needs to make use.

Therefore, posting your products on social media weekly is a method of displaying your business to a broader audience.

This stage is very difficult and stressful, but i’m not using this scare you.

For instance, you will need a social media marketer to help you out so you can focus on other things.

You can hire a freelancer to help you out with designs, posting weekly and chatting with customers online.

For you to improve your online sales, you need to improve your online presence. You can’t do it all alone, you will need someone to assist you so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

To summarize it all, you will need a helping hand to boost and increase your online presence.

Lift Up business during a lockdown

Hire a creative graphic designer and digital marketer.

Encourage your friends to share your post

Encourage your friends to share your post daily, this will help you reach out to friends of friends who are likely to have interest in your products.

In this case, you will need to reach out to as many people online. Add more relevant friends, introduce your business to other people online.

Organize an offer with a deadline date

This is different from the coupon code offer. You will need to organize an offer with a deadline date.

In addition, you are trying to generate high traffic to your online store for people to buy different products for just a limited time.

This is a limited offer that you can organize either every two weeks or once a month.

Also, it will help customers to buy fast just for a limited time before the offer ends.

Make a short video for your products

This stage is one of the most expensive stages. Making a video nowadays is very expensive but thanks to technology.

They are tons of mobile applications you can use to shoot video. Make a short video of your products. Some might be expensive while some are free.

For instance, making a short video of your products will help customers to have a good look at how the products look like and how to use them

Video is a trending method in the digital marketing industry. If you want to pass a good message about your products, try video.

Finally, it’s either you hire a freelancer to help you out with the video or you use any of these two applications. Adobe Spark and Viva Video.

Use Hashtag across your social media

What is called hashtag? It is a hash symbol (#) used on social media networks. It was first popularly used on the Twitter social media site.

One of the most purposes of using the hashtag is for users to be able to access specific content using the hashtag.

Users can find any content using the hashtag or by making use of a keyword.

A hashtag is a good tool to make you post go viral on social media or to make it a trend.

Furthermore, the reason why I will suggest you make use of hashtag during your social media post is for other users to take note of your post as well.

Meanwhile, the hashtag is also used to call the attention of online users, promote your products online and also connect to new customers online as well.

Finally, make use of hashtag when posting on social media especially if your target audience is located on twitter.

Repeat step 8, 9, 15, 16, 19 always.

As I said earlier if you are interested in growing your business during a lockdown you will have to do a lot of work.

In detail, you will need to repeat some of the steps mentions earlier. Repeat step 8, 9, 15, 16 and step 19 as well.

In this case, it will help you to stay connected to your customers and online audience.

Meanwhile, the online market has been designed for only people who are ready to publish more contents and also display more products to potential customers.

Also, the reason why some business is not doing well online is due to the reason that they have failed to follow the rules and ways of building a creative business online.

In conclusion, if you noticed that the lockdown or world recession is affecting your business.

Above all, you can take action by applying some of the creative ways on how you can lift Up business during a lockdown.

Usually, some of the processes may take time but with little time you realized that you are at the top of the internet especially if you are using social media.

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Thank you for reading.

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