10 Ways How Your Social Media Design Post Should Look Like

In this blog post, I'm going to focus on the following ways

10 Ways How Your Social Media Design Post Should Look Like

10 Ways To Social Media Post

First of all, you may be wondering how should a social media design look like.

Nowadays social media is one of the keys to digital marketing but doing it the right way is the most important thing.

In this blog, I’m going to focus on the following ways and tips on how your social media design post should look like.

If you’re about to hire a graphic design for your social media blog post.

He or She needs to make use of any of these steps in other to achieve a great social media design post.

  1. Define Your Goal
  2. Organize Your Content (Text)
  3. Use The Right Colour
  4. Pick Font Wisely
  5. Know The Social Media That Works For Your Business
  6. Consistency Is The Key
  7. Use Simple & Unique Design
  8. Social Media Size Format
  9. Use Your Logo
  10. 10 Ways To Social Media Post (Samples)

Define Your Goal

The first step you need to take note of whenever you’re about to design a social media post design is to define your goal.

Once you define your goal, this will serve as a guide in designing a beautiful social media post design.

Most of the time whenever you are about to design a social media post and you don’t have an idea of what you want to design.

You’re likely to mix everything up and end up making a poor design.

In other to avoid such mistakes, know the reason why you’re making that post meanwhile also know the type of audience you plan to reach out to, and their geographical area as well.

“The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.”

Bill Copeland

Organize Your Content

The next line of action for a strong social media post design is to know how to organize your content properly.

Your social media post design should look good and easy to understand within 1 minute.

If your guests can’t understand the post design within a minute then they’re likely to neglect your page or website immediately which is bad for your business.

The post is likely not to perform very well as expected. Keep your content organized

When designing social media posts, you need to make sure that your content is not too long.

In addition, don’t use big vocabulary that it’s going to take your visitors time to understand or require them to use their mobile dictionary.

  • SHORT.
 Organize your content
Eki Market – Kitchen Utensils.

“For better result make it clean and clear”

Adetayo Damilola

Use The Right Colour

Part of the Ways How Your Social Media Design Post Should Look Like. Using the right colour will not just make your design beautiful. In addition, the right colour will also define what the social media post is all about.

Therefore, colour is very important when making your social media post design.

it’s part of the requirement to deliver a successful social media post. Meanwhile, we have different colours and each of the colours represents one thing or the other.

Sometimes they also represent something in our life. However, I will suggest we pick our colours wisely when making our social media design.

A good example is RED we all know that the colour red can represent LOVE.

Meanwhile, you need to know when to use each colour and when not to use them.

Colour is not just one of the most important aspects of any graphic design, it is also the backbone of a good social media post design.

In other words, every brand has a brand colour and each colour can represent your brand or company out there.

As a creative designer with over 4+ years of experience. The first thing I do when designing a social media post is to prepare my Color Scheme.

What is the Colour Scheme? A colour scheme is the choice of colours used in various artistic and design contexts. — Source

You need at least two colours for your post. Immediately you picked one or two colours, therefore, make sure to use them throughout the social media design post.

10 Ways To Social Media Post

In other to save time and identify each colour, you can write down the colour code in one corner.

Use the right colour scheme that will represent your brand, your post title or post description.

It will not just make your design beautiful and attractive but it’s going to save your audience a long time headache to understand your social media post.

Use RGB Colour Over CMYK Colour. Why?

RGB colours are for Digital Object (Screen), while CMYK is for a printed object (Magazine).

Pick Font Wisely

When working on any design project, it those not matter it should be a social media design post alone.

You need to pick your desired font wisely. It will help your content look matured and well recognized.

Meanwhile, for the purpose of this blog post, the popular font you are likely to come across online are Arial and Times New Roman.

Therefore, popular browsers like Google Chrome, are the default font type. They are two categories of font you are likely to come across in most cases.

  • Sans Serif Font: This is the perfect font type for web purposes.
    • Taking note of these two different types of the font will not just save you a bunch of time when planning your Social Media Design Post but also save your guest time.
  • Serif Font: The Serif font can be best used for Print Materials just like the way we use CMYK for our print products.

If you use more than two fonts in your social media graphic design post, your visitors will find it tough to see.

However, choosing the wrong font can be an obstacle that will prevent your visitors from seeing your post or taking important action on your social media page.

Know The Social Media That Works For Your Business

Social media is the perfect place for small, medium and large business owners to promote their business online.

Businesses are struggling with social media marketing nowadays due to the high rate of competition online.

For instance, some business finds it so difficult to make sales with there social media page like Facebook,

Also, clients always find it difficult to identify your brand or business on social media and it’s affecting your business.

If you know the type of social media that works for your business, you are likely to put your focus more on that social media.

They are a lot of social media on the internet. In other to identify the social media that works for your business. You need to follow these steps.

First Step: Post on all your business social media.

Second Step: Identify which platform your audience is using either Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Third Step: Check out your social media for comments, likes, Tweet or a number of shares as well.

Fourth Step: Then choose the social media platform the works for your business depending on the result.


Consistency Is The Key

For any business to grow, consistency is the key. This is a popular saying you need to apply if you want to join the online social media race.

For you to be consistent, you will need to schedule a calendar for your graphic design social media post.

In addition, target the days your audience is likely to view and respond to your post.

If you can follow these steps and you’re consistent. The sky is your limit. Your audience will want to see more of your post and the offers you have for them.

“You will never know your limits until you push yourself to them”

Fitxgrind Journals

Use Simple & Unique Design

Whenever you are designing your social media graphic design post you need to remember that your audience is interested in designs that will be interesting when looking at them either on there mobile phone, tablet or personal computer.

Meanwhile, your design must be simple and unique. If your design is complex make sure to use a short text to break your design down for human understanding.

The use of a simple and unique design will save your audience time and will give them the opportunity to decide fast on which action to take on your post.

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Social Media Design Post Guide

Simple and Unique Design

Social Media Size Format

This is a part that you really need to take note of before starting your social media graphic design post. You need to understand and know the size format for each social media.

Right now you are contemplating how you want your design to look. Is it portrait or landscape?

Continue to read this blog post to clear all your doubts and start creating your social media graphic design post.

In this post, I’m only going to centre on Facebook social media size format. You can subscribe to get an update when other social media size formats will be posted.

As we all know that Facebook is still the world’s most popular social media network currently now as of when this post is written.

Facebook Recommended Image Sizes

  1. Fb profile picture size: 180 x 180
  2. Cover photo size: 820 x 462
  3. Image Link size: 1200 x 630
  4. Facebook image post size: 1200 x 630
  5. Graphic Design Image Share Post: 940 x 788
  6. Facebook video size format: 1280 x 720
  7. The maximum video length for Facebook: 240 minutes
  8. Fb advertisement size format: 1200 x 628
  9. Facebook Story ad size: 1080 x 1920
  10. Group cover image size: 1640 x 922

Use Your Logo

For your brand to stand out among the crowd, you need to make use of your logo. However, whenever you’re posting your social media design post. Make sure to add your logo to your design always.

In other words, Your logo is very important and it can save your customers a lot of headaches when searching for your brand online.

In conclusion, these are some of the social media graphic design posts you can learn from.

Above all, the below design is the property of Eki Market and Multihjuice.

Social Media Design Post

Top 3 Social Media Design Post

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